Ashton Price is an established composer, producer/engineer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Toronto. In the 15 years since graduating from Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts program his songs and productions have found success around the world.

From very early on Ashton developed a love of songwriting and has successfully placed his songs in many different projects. His songs can be heard the world over on such shows as, Degrassi-Next Generation (MTV), Amish Mafia (Discovery) and Zoe Buziek Wildcard (Lifetime). He has published songs with Sony/ATV and Cloud 9 Publishing. He continues to look for opportunities for his songwriting skills both with other artists and TV/Film projects.

Ashton has also worked as a mix engineer on many successful projects. Most recently he mixed Montreal hip hop artist Cadence Weapon’s album, “Hope in Dirt City” that was shortlisted for the prestigious Polaris Prize. He also mixed National Jazz Award winner Brownman Electryc Trio’s album “Juggernaut”.

As a producer Ashton has worked with such artists as Juno nominated Kazzer and Lisa Swain in addition to countless indie artists. Since they began 5 years ago The Airplane Boys (Stampede Management) have been routinely coming to his studio for vocal production and mixing. His approach and knowledge of the industry has helped him create productions that help get the artists he works with noticed.

As an artist Ashton focuses his efforts on his band with Cat Forsley called As the City Rumbles Underneath.  The band has been gaining a great online following and have already been featured on 40 blogs/podcasts/radio stations.  Their song “Hearts Expire” was chosen for an episode of Degrassi-Next Generation last year and they’re currently looking for new licensing opportunities.  In addition to his band Ashton also released his own EP entitled “Lonely Nights” this past january.

For more info please contact:

Ashton Price


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